Thursday, May 5, 2011

Summer Softball

We are continuing the tradition of participating in the Lehigh Co-Ed Intramural Summer Softball league starting around Memorial Day and ending around the beginning of August.  FERS is the reigning champion team and we are hoping to continue the success.  Below is the developing roster:


  1. Robin Hendricks
  2. Tommy Marullo (Starting 6/20)
  3. Jason Ricles
  4. Mike Molina
  5. Ryan Ahn
  6. Nirab Manandhar
  7. Joe States
  8. Brent Chancellor
  9. Thomas Matarazzo
  10. Becca Knorr
  11. Tobi Showunmi
  12. Baiping Dong
  13. Patrick Trasborg
  14. Mike German (Wed only)
  15. John Archibald
  16. Becca Leonard
  17. Derek Loush

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